Gorsuch record shows religious bias

March 9, 2017 GMT

The “holy war” being waged in our current government is an embarrassment to our founding fathers, who died for the right of Americans to exercise religious choice.

The separation of church and state is the backbone of religious freedom in America. In the Constitution, religious freedom is protected by denying agents in government the ability to exercise overt religious bias when crafting the law of the land.

This protection of both church and state prevents a singular religious creed from becoming the blanket legal standard for all U.S. citizens. Christians wary of “Sharia Law” can rest in the protections of our Constitution, in the same way that Humanists wary of “Evangelical Law” can also rest in the constitutional protection.

Montanans deeply understand this live-and-let-live perspective. Senators Tester and Daines should staunchly oppose the confirmation of Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch, whose zealous religious ideology will, by its very nature, set a destructive national precedent for the introduction of all other religious ideologies into the highest court of the land.


Gorsuch’s repeated need to exercise his own religious viewpoint while ruling on cases such as Hobby Lobby and human rights issues that affect LGBT Americans is a grave misuse of his position as judge, placing his rulings in direct defiance of the Constitution itself.

As a Christian pastor, I cannot envision a more destructive pathway for the sacred protections of religious freedom in America than appointing an active religious extremist, no matter the religion, as a Supreme Court justice.

Say no to Gorsuch. And leave the divisive hubris of the holy wars in the past.

Danielle Egnew

Unity Christian Church