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Letter: Demise of Wicked Moose leaves a big void

April 5, 2017 GMT

The Wicked Moose closed last weekend and will be demolished for another apartment building. Thousands of people appreciated the large entertainment area that was used for hundreds of dances, attracting bands locally and from far away, fundraising benefits, receptions, etc.

This is the only “bar” location in Rochester that had capacity for up to 700 people. A large stage built six years ago was beneficial for entertainers and making any seat a “great seat” so guests could see the show.

All we have now are a few smaller bars with a 10 by 30-foot dance floor, inadequate seating and standing space for a person to have a “night on the town.”


If the DMC planning group wants to recruit and retain 20,000-plus employees, they should create more entertainment venues for Rochester residents and visitors. We have the option to drive to larger cities, but many residents prefer to stay “local” and attend events in Rochester.

I hope there are several entrepreneurs interested in creating entertainment locations for Rochester.

Kim Wettleson