Series of events brings demand for change

December 14, 2017 GMT

It strikes me as odd, and yet potentially and imminently transformational, that Roy Moore’s continued support by the Republican Party, the Democratic Party’s demand for Al Franken’s resignation and the TaxScam bill, the most horrific compilation of awful in the history of the world, should be happening all at the same time.

Moore is an evil human being, yet today’s Republican Party is willing to not just accept his candidacy, but actually help him get elected, just to have another Republican vote in the Senate. We used to look for the best to serve in Congress, not the worst. He was kicked out of a mall for repeated bad behavior, but we are willing to let him create policy for the people of this country?

That is not just absurd — it is evil. It is not about what is right, but merely about winning. A party which supports such a candidate — and which fails to immediately remove our illegitimate, incompetent, mentally ill and extremely dangerous so-called president — should cease to exist.


That an intelligent, hardworking, right-thinking senator such as Franken, an outspoken champion for women’s rights, who clearly has been attacked by right wing actors, should be coerced by his own party members to resign, rather than let the ethics investigation continue as it should, is just wrong.

Again, those in power are interested in one thing — winning, so removing a solid progressive voice from the narrowly divided Senate is good for the Republican agenda — but they were assisted by Franken’s own party. By trying to “take the high road,” they, themselves, shot him down. I think the Democratic Party, itself, needs to search its soul.

I do not have words to convey my horror at the TaxScam bill that was jammed through votes in the House and Senate, just to win all the worst things in the horrible Republican agenda. That there were no public hearings, no debate, no official analysis, nor even any time for members to read the nearly 500-page bill — with hand-scribbled edits cropped off on the edges—so virtually no one who was required to vote — in the middle of the night —even knew what was in it —is absurd.

Lobbyists wrote it; those voting had no idea what they were voting for; those who wanted to do it right (discuss, debate, edit, analyze) were coddled and cajoled into agreement to just vote for it (I’m sure “or else” was part of that conversation).

How do we explain all this to our children? How can our governing bodies justify the damage they are doing to our country, our people, our way of life? Our country has been one that welcomes immigrants who leave oppressive places to find a better life for themselves and their families. They come to America, which has been a place of safety and freedom and equality for all, where hard work and honest living are honored and rewarded, where education is free and justice is promised.


But now, all that is valued is money. People will do anything for money. And when those with wealth can buy congressmen to do their bidding, then justice is no more. Equality is gone; freedom is gone; all the benefits accrue to the already wealthy; scraps are thrown to everyone else. Health care — gone. Clean air — gone. Healthy food, water, soil — gone. Freedom — gone. Internet —gone. National Parks — gone. Libraries, schools — gone. Post Office — gone. If it’s not an income source for “someone” — gone. That’s the agenda.

Here, though, is my hope: that people will stop listening to the corporate funded “news” and open their eyes to what actually is happening in our government. Wealthy people and corporations want it all. They hire lobbyists to work openly to secure more and more wealth and power for them. The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision allows them to give massive campaign donations to those who will do their bidding. And if members of Congress don’t do their bidding, they’ll find someone to “primary” that member and finance their campaign for election. They will suppress the vote. They will load the courts with corporate shills. They will purchase the media, so people are only told what will move their agenda forward. They will enlist and accept assistance from Russia to accomplish their evil agenda.

What they haven’t counted on or figured out how to control are those of us who see their agenda and refuse to accept it. They haven’t noticed that there are even life-long Republicans who are beginning to see the absurdity and evil inherent in our capitalist way-of-thinking and are demanding equality and reason and respect for their neighbors.

I believe that the confluence of these aforementioned events might well explode into a massive up-rising of citizens who expect more of this government and demand the justice and equality we have come to expect.

We can and must fight back. Many of us have wondered how the German people saw what was happening in Nazi Germany, but failed to act. What could they have done? Perhaps, this is our opportunity to figure that out and do it. There are many “resistance” groups out there. Find one. Join us. If we sit back and ignore the problem, we deserve whatever they throw at us. If we rise up and demand our country back, we will prevail. When millions of people rise up and demand change, we win.

Peg Homeier