AP PHOTOS: Day 7, Ukrainians feeling weight of war

March 3, 2022 GMT

In village streets, city basements and train stations, the faces of Ukrainians reflected the steep emotional toll a week into Russian’s invasion of their country.

Volunteer fighters in their 60s picked through the remains of shattered homes as elderly neighbors wept at the destruction caused by what residents called a Russian airstrike in Gorenka, a village on the outskirts of Ukraine’s capital that has found itself in the crossfire as Moscow attempts to take Kyiv.

In the country’s largest city, families settled into subway stations or crowded into basements seeking sheltering from Russian bombardment.

Thousands of Ukrainians have been fleeing the city through the sprawling railway complex. The U.N. refugee agency said more than 1 million people have fled Ukraine in a mounting refugee crisis on the European continent.

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