AP PHOTOS: In Ukraine, living in fear of death from above

May 27, 2022 GMT

A black-and-white wedding photo lay among wood scraps and other debris in the aftermath of an airstrike in Kramatorsk, testament to happier times.

A woman in Kharkiv knelt next to her husband’s body, surrounded by a pool of blood after he was killed by shelling.

Another in Soledar washed dishes by the light of a single lamp in a basement used as a bomb shelter.

Scenes from Ukraine captured by AP photographers this week showed that more than three months into the conflict, especially in the war-torn east, residents live in a world where death comes from above.

Homes and buildings are in ruins in cities and towns, from Borodyanka, where a boy pedaled a toy vehicle in the shadow of shattered apartment blocks, to Mariupol, where children walked amid the rubble on a street.

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In Vilkhivka, near Kharkiv, a bomb lay unexploded in the grass next to a road.

In Povrovsk, a man wearing a bloody head bandage cupped his hands to his face in a hospital after he was wounded in a rocket attack.

And in Kramatorsk, a dog padded through a deserted central square, save for a gaggle of pigeons as air raid sirens blared.