AP PHOTOS: Day 23: A Ukraine of despair, fear, disbelief

March 18, 2022 GMT

A woman dressed in a dark blue winter coat and black hat presses a white cloth to her mouth as she stands in the street and stares up in disbelief at the blown-out windows and other damage inflicted by a bomb on a residential building in Kyiv.

A refugee sobs as she walks among rows of wooden-framed beds that have been set up in a high school sports stadium in Poland for refugees like her who have fled Ukraine. And a young mother peers forlornly through the window of a volunteer’s car that will take her and her children to a hostel in Hungary.

On Day 23 of Russia’s war on Ukraine, faces permeated with fear, uncertainty and sadness filled the frames of Associated Press photographs.

Two young Ukrainian boys wearing red, orange and blue winter knit caps each grip a hand of their father shortly after arriving at a railway station in the capital of Hungary. They look scared.

The ongoing devastation of the relentless Russian attacks is evident in other photos: A man with a large cut carved in his forehead is evacuated from under the rubble of an administration building that has been hit by shelling in the northeastern city of Kharkiv.

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Another image shows a man removing a destroyed curtain from a school in Kyiv where several small beds are lined up under a large, glassless window. And another shows two women walking down the hallway of the school, the brightly colored plastic rings of a child’s stacking toy visible in a now doorless room littered with pieces of fallen walls.