AP PHOTOS on Day 36: Russian tanks destroyed outside Kyiv

March 31, 2022 GMT

Destroyed Russian tanks line a road on the outskirts of Ukraine’s capital, where Ukrainian troops pose for selfies atop the shell of one vehicle after their forces overran a Russian position. An 81-year-old man bicycles alone past one burned-out tank on the muddy road.

Close to Kyiv, in Irpin, Ukrainian soldiers carry the bodies of civilians killed by Russian forces over a destroyed bridge. Other soldiers assist an elderly woman who has hidden from Russian shelling in a shelter for weeks without food and water.

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In the town of Bashtanka, people who have fled nearby villages attacked by the Russian army shelter in a church among the pews and in the basement bomb shelter.

During a break for lunch, a Ukrainian soldier keeps a machine gun close at hand, next to pickles and condiments on the table.