3M joins others in suspending Russian business operations

MAPLEWOOD, Minn. (AP) — 3M is joining the growing list of multinational companies that have suspended business operations in Russia following its invasion of Ukraine.

The Maplewood-based company has a corporate office in Moscow and two production plants in the country.

3M’s announcement comes as companies across a variety of industries have suspended some or all of their Russian operations in recent days, including McDonald’s, Exxon-Mobil, General Electric and Netflix.

3M, which manufactures consumer goods and operates in the fields of health care, worker safety and other categories, also joins its competitor, Honeywell, which said this week it had “suspended substantially all of our sales, distribution and service activities in Russia and Belarus,” which has aided Russia’s invasion.

Russia has become a global outcast as companies seek to maintain their reputations and live up to corporate responsibility standards.

Polaris, the Medina-based vehicle maker, is among the Minnesota companies that have halted sales or exports to Russia in response to the invasion.