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Danbury’s Salvation Army thirft store is closing

September 29, 2016 GMT

DANBURY — The Salvation Army thrift store, on Main Street for decades, is closing.

The Salvation Army also announced its plans to close stores in Torrington, West Hartford and New London, though did not specify a date.

The first priority of the stores was to raise funds to continue offering rehabilitation programs to people in need at no-cost, but current circumstances have made supporting these programs through these store locations impossible, according to a statement from the organization.

“The decision to close the stores was not made lightly,” said Captain Leo Lloyd, who oversees The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center in Hartford, “but after much review, it seems to be the most responsible choice.”

The organization is trying to help employees at the four locations find open positions at other Salvation Army centers.

The Salvation Army regularly reviews the financial performance of its stores, services and programs available offerings are discontinued only when absolutely necessary, the statement said.


The array of social services offered through the Danbury branch of the Salvation Army will continue.

“While some Family Thrift Stores will close, The Salvation Army community centers in Torrington, Danbury, Hartford, and New London will remain open,” said Major Jorge Marzan, who oversees The Salvation Army’s Southern New England Division. “These communities will continue to receive much needed services including food pantries, social services, holiday assistance and spiritual counseling.”

The Salvation Army added they are interested in opening new stores to replace these locations and will be actively searching for other opportunities.