Why Replace Crestwood Coach?

April 21, 2018 GMT

Editor: Why do the Crestwood School Board and president Bill Jones want to replace field hockey coach Patsy Morartori when he said himself, “I think she’s done a fine job; there’s no doubt about that.” I agree she did a fine job because in four years her career record is 56-12-1 (80 percent winning percentage), which includes back-to-back District 2 championships in 2014 and 2015. Crestwood had silver medals the past two seasons, was 11-6 in 2017 and made the state playoffs in each of her four years. “Jones said dwindling participation is the reason why the position was opened,” The Citizens’ Voice reported. “A review of preseason rosters shows Crestwood had 31 varsity players in 2014 compared with 25 in this past season.” Field Hockey requires 11 players on the field; 26 is more than adequate. That is two full squads and three subs or 11 starters and 15 subs. “It’s been a good program,” Jones said. “But the board has to listen to parents, the players. We have to look at participation.” No, you do not have to listen to parents unless you are making a purely political move. You are a policy making board by law, you are not management or administration staff. You overstep your reach if you decide to take charge of the varsity program without the recommendation of the principal, particularly without the benefit of supervision if needed and due process if necessary. What do her evaluations over the past four years done by administrators reflect? They are all positive. Maybe you have already decided to fire her anyway and positive evaluations might get in your way. Please, direct your time and energy to school board stuff like the $2 million budget deficit you have accrued over the past several years. Ray Whalen MOUNTAIN TOP