Paraguayan police say no arrests in killing of 2 Germans

ASUNCION, Paraguay (AP) — Police said Wednesday they believe a German man who was slain with his youngest daughter last month at their home in a rural area of Paraguay were killed during a robbery, but no one has been arrested.

Bernard Raymon von Bredow, 62, and his 14-year-old daughter were found shot to death Oct. 22 in Aregua, a town 22 kilometers (about 14 miles) east of Asuncion, authorities said.

Von Bredow gained notice as a teenager when he discovered the complete skeleton of a mammoth near his hometown of Siegsdorf in Bavaria. Von Bredow later founded a museum on mammoths, and he also pursued work in biology, geology and other fields, largely teaching himself about those areas, according to news reports.

Neighbors in Aregua said von Bredow had settled in the town two years ago and dedicated himself to making violins.

Commissioner Hugo Grance, the chief criminal investigator for local police, told The Associated Press that “the strongest hypothesis we have is that the killings were for robbery purposes.”

“The interior of the house was found in complete disarray and blood stains indicated that the Germans were probably killed elsewhere on the property. The man had traces of having been tortured,” Grance added.

The officer said the evidence at the scene indicates “that two or more individuals sought something” inside the house.

He said investigators have questioned some masons who were working on the property as well as another group of workers fired a few days before the killings, but “no one has been arrested yet.”

He said that in one sector of the property police found three containers containing tools for carpentry, plumbing and blacksmithing. In addition, a closed safe was found, though it will be opened only when some of von Bredow’s relatives arrive, he said.

Grance said documents show “these foreigners were legally living a normal life in the countryside” like hundreds of other ethnic Germans who live in rural areas of Paraguay.