LHS science students raise and release salmon fingerlings

May 9, 2017 GMT

HAMLIN TWP. — Students in Ludington High School’s advanced placement environmental science classes raised salmon in their classroom from fertilized eggs to fingerlings this year and on Thursday they released those salmon fingerlings into the Sable River at Ludington State Park.

Teacher Mark Willis said 2017 marked the 12th year his students have raised salmon and then stocked them in the river.

“Overall, the kids were enthused every day,” Willis said about the lesson. “They’d check the water temperature every day and feed them.

“It isn’t just a sit and get with a book to get information, they are actually doing hands-on experiments,” he said. “I think the cool thing is they see these fish are critical for our economy and they’re taking part — in a small way — with fish stocking.”


The lessons began in the fall when the students travelled to the Little Manistee River weir to watch as the salmon eggs were collected and fertilized before being handed over to the students for raising.

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