Just Ask Us: Does Old Glory fly only when Gov. Scott Walker is working in the Capitol?

May 30, 2017 GMT

Q: Does Old Glory fly only when Gov. Walker is working in the Capitol?

A: The two flags over the wing where Gov. Scott Walker works fly at all times, according to Department of Administration spokeswoman Jennifer Grinder.

The East Wing houses the Governor’s Office, and the U.S. and Wisconsin flags are flown above the wing regardless of if the governor is in the Capitol, Grinder said.

Two of the wings only fly the Stars and Stripes during legislative sessions. The flag is only flown over the South Wing, which houses the Senate Chamber, when the Senate is in session, and over the West Wing, which houses the Assembly, when the Assembly is in session.


Over the North Wing, which is home to the Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Hall, the POW flag is flown at all times.

All the flags are flown at full staff unless a presidential or gubernatorial executive order directs the state otherwise, Grinder said.

— Shelley K. Mesch