Four candidates to be considered for fire chief

March 21, 2018 GMT

The Scottsbluff Civil Service Commission has selected four finalists to be considered to fill its fire chief position.

During the Civil Service Commission meeting, the pool of candidates was narrowed down from ten to four. Two of the candidates currently serve as captains with the Scottsbluff Fire Department: Justin Houston and Ryan Lohr. Two candidates from out of the area, Thomas Schingle, of Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Jeffrey Raffray, of Monroe, Louisiana, were also selected. The candidates will test on June 1 for the fire chief position.

Scottsbluff City Manager Nathan Johnson said that the candidates will be interviewed by two separate panels — the Civil Service Commission, joined by another professional, and a panel of city staff and department heads.


In determining the finalists, the commission evaluated a wide variety of things, Johnson said, such as their service with career fire departments and years of command experience.

“All of the candidates were high caliber individuals, with a lot of knowledge, skills and abilities to do the position,” Johnson said. “However, we had to narrow it down to make sure that we were taking the ‘best of the best’ to move forward with the interview process.”

The fire chief position has been vacant since the retirement of former Scottsbluff Fire Chief Dana Miller. Police Chief Kevin Spencer has been acting as