Prosecutor: Officer who shot man outside home was justified

July 2, 2021 GMT

EASTON, Pa. (AP) — A state trooper was justified in fatally shooting a 55-year-old man who choked him when the officer responded to a domestic assault outside the man’s home in northeastern Pennsylvania, authorities announced Friday.

The trooper, a seven-year veteran from the Belfast barracks, was on his way to work when he responded to a woman’s screaming call to 911.

Edward Shadder was assaulting a woman in the driveway when the trooper arrived, the Northampton County District Attorney’s office recounted.

The trooper got out of his car and ordered Shadder to halt, but Shadder ignored the directive. The trooper then used his Taser on him twice, but both times it was ineffective.

The trooper then tried to subdue Shadder with a collapsible baton, but he wrestled it away and used it to hit and choke the trooper.

The prosecutors’ report said a neighbor could see Shadder on the trooper’s back, choking him, and could see the trooper was turning red. Shadder let go of the trooper and ran back toward the woman.


The trooper then fired twice, hitting Shadder in the back. The prosecutor’s office said the shooting occurred just 36 seconds after the trooper responded.

Shadder was pronounced dead a short time later. Prosecutors said the trooper suspected he had been on drugs, and toxicology test results are pending. The trooper was not seriously injured.

Both the trooper and Shadder are white, said Northampton County District Attorney Terence Houck.

Houck said he is not releasing the trooper’s name because he was cleared of wrongdoing.