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Greensburg man shot and killed Thursday in Vandergrift remembered as fun-loving, go-getter

November 5, 2018 GMT

The Greensburg man who was shot and killed in Vandergrift on Thursday night was a hard worker and single father who was raising a young son, according to his friends.

John Edward Smail, 31, was a “headstrong go-getter,” said his friend, Mike Cabuag.

“Anything and everything he did, he took it to the limit,” Cabuag said.

Smail’s cousin, Ashley Croft, 35, is charged by police with criminal homicide.

Police say she admitted to shooting and killing Smail in her apartment Thursday night.

“It’s a horrible tragedy, I never thought he’d go out like that,” said Smail’s friend, Warren Weimer.

Weimer said Smail was outgoing and fun-loving, the type of guy who would start a push-up competition on the dance floor of a crowded bar.

Smail, Weimer and Cabuag all met a few years ago while working for D-Bug Pest Control in Latrobe.

“He made work fun,” Weimer said.


Smail had recently started a new job at a waterproofing company.

“He was doing good for himself,” Cabuag said.

Earlier this year Smail joined the Greensburg Rugby Football Club at Cabuag’s suggestion.

“He was so excited, he loved it,” Cabuag said.

Cabuag and Weimer said they didn’t know anything about Croft, and that Smail didn’t talk much about his family.