DA: Lynn officer justified in fatally shooting suspect

September 3, 2021 GMT

LYNN, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts police officer was justified when he shot and killed a man in November who had attempted to rob a pharmacy and had pinned another officer with a vehicle, prosecutors said.

John Mellone, 39, of Somerville was shot multiple times by Lynn Officer Nhen Tran. Mellone had attempted to rob a Revere Walgreens and was pursued by Revere Officer Leo MacAskill into Lynn, according to the Essex district attorney’s office, The Daily Item reported.

Mellone had trapped MacAskill between his own car and another parked on the street.

“At the time that Lynn Officer Nhen Tran fired his weapon at Mr. Mellone, he reasonably believed that Revere Officer Leo MacAskill was in imminent danger of serious injury or death,” District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett said in a statement. “Therefore, my office has determined that the force used by Officer Tran was lawful.”


Tran fired eight shots at Mellone, who was pronounced dead at the scene. Two bullets were recovered during the autopsy. One struck his heart and another pierced his jugular vein. A toxicology report also found multiple drugs in his system.

The matter will now be referred to the Lynn Police Department for any internal administrative review deemed appropriate.