Czech-Belarus Women’s WCup qualifier postponed until 2022

December 1, 2021 GMT

PRAGUE (AP) — A postponed Women’s World Cup qualifying game between the Czech Republic and Belarus will be played in 2022, the Czech soccer association said Wednesday.

The match was postponed after several players on the visiting team tested positive for the coronavirus. UEFA has yet to confirm a date for the game.

The Czechs were scheduled to play Belarus in the northeastern city of Opava on Tuesday. UEFA agreed to postpone the game after three Belarusian players returned positive tests.

The Czech soccer federation said the Belarusian team was retested but the results were not revealed.

Meanwhile, Belarusian soccer association head Vladimir Bazanov and his wife reportedly have been released from police custody and ordered to leave the country. Police previously said the two were suspected of violating the country’s coronavirus restrictions.


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