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Socialism turned US in global power -- John Costello

September 17, 2018 GMT

I would like to respond to the Aug. 31 letter to the editor ” Socialism is no way to run an economy.” While our standing in the world is due to our unique position to maximally benefit from capitalism, that doesn’t mean our success is entirely due to it. We’ve also benefited from socialist policies which redistribute wealth to where it can do the most good.

It’s hard to imagine what our nation would look like today if we hadn’t adopted progressive taxation, enshrined workplace standards and union rights in the law, and established social safety nets like Social Security and Medicare. All of these socialist policies worked to build the most prolific middle class in history, which provided the common man with the dignity to leave the Gilded Age’s dead-end path of plutocracy, and has clearly proved to be a good way to run a country.


But maybe the author is right.

Maybe America should have remained an introverted aristocracy, and not become a global super power, that has prevented -- through coups, sanction and war -- other nations from following their own paths.

Which raises a question. Why, if our way is so much more desirable, must it be delivered at the end of a bayonet?

John Costello, McFarland