Regents accept two-terms limit sought by Sen. Bolin

January 29, 2018 GMT

The South Dakota Board of Regents and Gov. Dennis Daugaard are supporting a state lawmaker’s effort to limit regents to two six-year terms.

Sen. Jim Bolin, R-Canton, is prime sponsor of SB 80. The Senate Education Committee endorsed it Thursday but added an amendment.

The amended version says the two-terms limit wouldn’t apply to a partial term.

During a teleconference meeting Friday afternoon, several regents said they thought the two-term limit already was a state law.

The Senate could consider the bill Wednesday afternoon.

Regent executive director Mike Rush and governor’s aide Patrick Weber testified in favor Thursday. No one spoke against it.


Under the proposal, a governor could reappoint a former regent after the person sat out at least two years.

Bolin received support Thursday from the state Department of Education for two other bills that would affect the state Board of Education Standards.

The board sets rules for public schools in South Dakota. Its members serve four-year terms.

The senator wants to limit education-standards members to three consecutive terms. The committee amended SB 89 so partial terms wouldn’t count.

Education Department attorney Holly Ferris and Weber testified for it. No one opposed it.

The Senate gets it Wednesday too, but the committee put it on the consent calendar, where it wouldn’t face debate.

A senator could ask for it to be placed on the debate calendar for a later date, however.

The third Bolin bill seeks to put the chairmen of the Senate and House education committees on the Board of Education Standards.

Education Secretary Don Kirkegaard and Ferris spoke in favor. No one spoke against.

SB 78 is set for Senate debate Tuesday.