List of World Press Photo winners

February 15, 2013 GMT

AMSTERDAM (AP) — A list of winners of the 2012 World Press Photo contest:

PHOTO OF THE YEAR, 2012: Paul Hansen, Sweden, Dagens Nyheter, Gaza Burial, Gaza City, Palestinian Territories.

SPOT NEWS SINGLES — 1. Paul Hansen, Sweden, Dagens Nyheter,Gaza Burial, Gaza City, Palestinian Territories; 2. Emin Ozmen, Turkey, Interrogation, Aleppo, Syria; 3. Adel Hana, Palestinian Territories, The Associated Press, Collaborator, Gaza City, Palestinian Territories.

SPOT NEWS STORIES — 1. Bernat Armangue, Spain, The Associated Press, Gaza. Fabio Bucciarelli, Italy, Agence France-Presse, Battle to Death, Aleppo, Syria,; 3. Javier Manzano, USA, Agence France-Presse/Getty Images for The New York Times; Siege of Aleppo, Syria.

GENERAL NEWS SINGLES — 1. Rodrigo Abd, Argentina, The Associated Press Aida, Idlib, Syria; 2. Sebastiano Tomada, USA, Sipa Press, USA, Wounded Baby in Hospital, Aleppo, Syria; 3. Dominic Nahr, Switzerland, Magnum Photos for Time magazine, Dead Soldier in Oil Pool, Heglig, South Sudan/Sudan border; Honorable mention. Ammar Awad, Jordan, Reuters, Israeli Border Police Pepper spray Palestinian Protester, Jerusalem.


GENERAL NEWS STORIES — 1. Alessio Romenzi, Italy, for Time magazine, Syria Under Siege; 2. Paolo Pellegrin, Italy, Magnum Photos for Zeit Magazin, Postcards from America: The Crescent, Rochester, NY, USA; 3. Daniel Berehulak, Australia, Getty Images, Japan After the Wave.

SPORTS ACTION SINGLES — 1. Wei Seng Chen, Malaysia, Pacu Jawi Bull Race, Indonesia; 2. Yongzhi Chu, China, Warm Up at Sports School, China; 3. Wei Zheng, China, Synchronized Swimmer at 2012 Olympic Games, London, Britain.

SPORTS ACTION STORIES — 1. Roman Vondrous, Czech Republic, Czech Press Agency, Cross Country Steeplechase, Czech Republic; 2. Sergei Ilnitsky, Russia, European Pressphoto Agency, The Golden Touch - Fencing at the Olympics; 3. Chris McGrath, Australia, Getty Images, London 2012 - An Overview.

SPORTS FEATURE STORIES — 1. Jan Grarup, Denmark, Laif, Women’s Basketball, Mogadishu, Somalia; 2. Denis Rouvre, France, Sumo Wrestlers, Japan; 3. Vittore Buzzi, Italy, Lone Chaw Lethwei Gym, Myanmar.

CONTEMPORARY ISSUES SINGLES — 1. Micah Albert, USA, Redux Images, Woman Reading at Dandora Municipal Dump, Nairobi, Kenya; 2. Esteban Felix, Peru, The Associated Press, Pool Hall Attack, San Pedro Sula, Honduras; 3. Emilio Morenatti, Spain, The Associated Press, Shop Stormed by Demonstrators, Barcelona, Spain; Honorable mention. Felipe Dana, Brazil, The Associated Press, Natalia, 15-year-old Crack User, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

CONTEMPORARY ISSUES STORIES — 1. Maika Elan, Vietnam, Most, The Pink Choice, Vietnam; 2. Majid Saeedi, Iran, Getty Images, Life in War, Afghanistan; 3. Aaron Huey, USA, for National Geographic magazine, In the Shadow of Wounded Knee, USA; Honorable mention. Altaf Qadri, India, The Associated Press, School for Less Fortunate, New Delhi, India.


DAILY LIFE SINGLES — 1. Daniel Rodrigues, Portugal, Youth Playing Football, Dulombi, Guinea-Bissau; 2. Soren Bidstrup, Denmark, Berlingske, Early Morning on Summer Holiday, Italy; 3. Jacob Ehrbahn, Denmark, for Politiken, John McLean at Dining Hall, Youngstown, Ohio, USA.

DAILY LIFE STORIES — 1. Fausto Podavini, Italy, Mirella; 2. Paolo Patrizi, Italy, Migrant Sex Workers, Italy; 3. Tomas Munita, Chile, for The New York Times, El Salvador Gangs; Honorable mention. Frederik Buyckx, Belgium, for De Standaard, Pacified Favela.

PEOPLE - OBSERVED PORTRAITS SINGLES — 1. Nemanja Pancic, Serbia, Kurir Milan, Belgrade, Serbia; 2. Marie Hald, Denmark, Bonnie, Soroe, Denmark; 3. Ilona Szwarc, Poland, Redux Pictures, Kayla, Boston, USA.

PEOPLE - OBSERVED PORTRAITS STORIES — 1. Ebrahim Noroozi, Iran, Victims of Forced Love; 2. Daniel Ochoa de Olza, Spain, The Associated Press; Bullfighter’s Comeback; 3. Ananda van der Pluijm, The Netherlands, Martin.

PEOPLE - STAGED PORTRAITS SINGLES — 1. Nadav Kander, Israel, for The New York Times / Time magazine, Daniel Kaluuya; 2. Stefen Chow, Malaysia, for Smithsonian magazine, Ai Weiwei; 3. Anna Bedynska, Poland, Agora Zuzia.

PEOPLE - STAGED PORTRAITS STORIES — 1. Stephan Vanfleteren, Belgium, Panos for Mercy Ships/De Standaard, People of Mercy, Guinea; 2. Ebrahim Noroozi, Iran, Mournful, Iran; 3. Fu Yongjun, China, City Express, Miss My Parents So Much, China.

NATURE SINGLES — 1. Christian Ziegler, Germany, Southern Cassowary, Australia; 2. Ali Lutfi, Indonesia, for The Jakarta Globe, Circus at the Crossroads, Indonesia; 3. Randall Benton, USA, The Sacramento Bee, Caribbean Trumpet Fish, Bonaire.

NATURE STORIES — 1. Paul Nicklen, Canada, National Geographic magazine, Emperor Penguins, Ross Sea; 2. Xiaoqun Zheng, China, Wenzhou Daily, The Cage, China; 3. Thomas P. Peschak, Germany/South Africa, Whale Sharks, Indian Ocean.