Man builds backcountry skiing destination on family’s land

October 19, 2021 GMT

PIKE, N.H. (AP) — A New Hampshire man is converting his family’s land into a backcountry skiing destination with the help of local organizations and volunteers.

Warren Bunnell’s grandfather bought land in the small village of Pike, 5 miles from Haverhill, about 40 years ago and built a small boarding school. It is now known as Upper Valley Stewardship Center, The Caledonian-Record reported.

Bunnell, an avid skier, wanted to convert the property into a winter ski trail after years of completing all different types of outdoor activities on the property except skiing.

He said he began converting the land himself until he got in touch with a local skiing organization, the Granite Backcountry Alliance. After a year of negotiations, they got to work.


A month ago, volunteers from the alliance helped develop five different trails and two uphill routes on sections of the property. The trails range from mellow to very steep and technical, the newspaper said.

Bunnell said that his goal is for Pike Glades to be an environment for people to practice backcountry skiing in a safe space.