What Some Celts Had to Say

September 25, 2018 GMT

CANTON -- Over the course of three-plus hours, a lot gets said at an NBA media day.

The Boston Celtics held theirs on Monday, with players and head coach Brad Stevens getting a chance to field questions from reporters.

We heard about Jayson Tatum spending part of the summer working out with Kobe Bryant, Jaylen Brown working out with Tracy McGrady, and rookie big man Robert Williams trying to learn from veterans like Al Horford and Aron Baynes and emulate their professionalism.

There were some very interesting sound bites, and here are three of the best:

Guard Kyrie Irving on what’s different for him this year: “I’m just appreciative of the opportunity to finally be comfortable. That’s the biggest thing -- I’m happy. I used to be nervous to come up here and talk to you guys, wondering what you guys would ask me. Now at this point, it’s like I really don’t care. As long as it’s about the team, how successful we can be and the potential of it, I’m excited about that. I’m comfortable and happy to be here now in the present.”


Guard Marcus Smart on dealing with the recent death of his mother: “A lot of people have heard me say this and explain it this way: I look at basketball as like a storm, but it’s the eye of the storm. In a tornado or something like that, the calmest place of it is to be right in the eye of it. And that’s what basketball is for me. It’s my eye. While everything else around me is going on, the distraction, the destruction, things like that, basketball keeps me calm. That’s probably why I go out and you see me dive on the floor or take a charge and throw my body this way and give it everything I have. Because I know and understand that any day could be my last day. And if it was, would I be proud of what I have accomplished in that time period? God has blessed me with the ability to go out there and play a game I love to play. And I don’t want to feel any regret about it. So I go out every day and play like it’s my last.”

Forward Gordon Hayward on how he sees himself fitting in: “I think I’ve always been a basketball player that has done a little bit of everything. I plan on doing that same type of thing for our team this year. I think because of the talent that we have, it’s not necessarily going to be the same every game. Some days it might be for me to score, some days it might be for me to play-make, some days it might be for me to defend and rebound and start the break. I’m willing to do whatever, so that way we can accomplish what we want to accomplish.”

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