NBA Finals creates rift for Halsey and G-Eazy

June 9, 2018 GMT

Music couple Halsey and G-Eazy love one another, no doubt.

But when you’re a home divided on sports teams, that can cause some drama.

Is love enough to coquer it?

Singer Halsey shared on social media, jokingly we hope, how serious the fued really is.

In a tweet we can’t share here, she wrote: “If Cavs win, @G_Eazy breakin up with (sic) so he doean’t have to heear me run my mouth. And if Warriors win, I’m breaking up with him so I don’t have to see his smug (expletive) face...”

Looks like either way it went, the relationship was doomed.

At least one of the parties would have bragging rights.

Unfortunately for Halsey, who clearly is a LeBron James fan and was pulling for the Cleveland Caveliers, it looks bleak.

At least she found someone to share her pain.