Odell Beckham takes shot at Giants, makes curious comment on Eli Manning

October 7, 2018 GMT

The New York Giants paid Odell Beckham Jr. handsomely in August, believing he was a big part of the franchise’s future after a few rocky moments in the relationship.

But in comments aired Sunday on ESPN, Beckham sounds like a man who isn’t too thrilled with the direction of the team — and perhaps with his quarterback, too. Asked if Eli Manning was part of the problem, Beckham said, “I don’t know,” and then tried to explain what the issue was.

“Like I said, I feel like he’s not going to get out the pocket,” Beckham said in an interview that included Lil Wayne by Beckham’s side. “He’s not ... we know Eli’s not running it. But is it a matter-of-time issue? Can he still throw it? Yeah, but it’s been pretty safe and it’s been, you know ... cool catching shallow [routes] and trying to take it to the house. But I’m, you know, I want to go over the top of somebody.”


This comes on the heels of Beckham’s comments that leaked on Friday, questioning the Giants’ “heart,” “our energy,” and “what we bring when we line up before the game.” Head coach Pat Shurmur was not happy to hear this — in fact, he was “absolutely livid,” per Fox’s Jay Glazer.

Manning and Beckham have been a good pair mostly since the star wide receiver entered the NFL in 2014, combining for 38 touchdowns. But they haven’t connected for a score this season, and Beckham suggested that he’s being held back — whether by his QB or his coaches is up for interpretation.

“I haven’t been in this situation,” he said. “I haven’t been in the place where I felt like I could really go out and do everything that I’m capable of doing. I don’t get 20 targets like some other receivers, you know.”

Beckham has 31 catches for 331 yards through four weeks. His 45 targets were tied for eighth-most in the NFL entering Week 5.

So is he even happy in New York still?

“It’s a tough question,” said Beckham, lives in Los Angeles in the offseason. “Obviously, I love seeing the sunshine all the time. I love, you know, I love being in L.A. I just like that atmosphere, but this is where I’m at. I remember before games, I used to get that. I used to get butterflies, like good butterflies. I was anxious. And now when I step on the field, it’s something completely different. It’s not butterflies.


“It’s like I want to be [in New York]. Like, I’ve been waiting to get here this whole time. I feel like a caged animal who gets this — it’s my 60 minutes of playtime. You know, I can play with other people. We can play nice, or we don’t have to play nice. But I get to play, and I get to do all this. This is my time to be out of the cage. You know, if somebody’s messing with me during my time to be out of the cage, like, it’s going to be a problem.”

The Giants face the the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte in Week 5.

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