WATCH: Kiko Alonso heads to the wrong sideline between plays

August 26, 2018 GMT

During the Miami Dolphins’ preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday, Kiko Alonso got a little turned around.

The Dolphins linebacker left the field after a third down play and went to the Baltimore sideline. It took several moments before he became aware he headed to the wrong bench.

Kiko Alonso accidentally went to the wrong sideline 😂😂😂 The Checkdown (@thecheckdown) August 25, 2018

Apparently, Alonso switched to a backwardjog halfway to the sideline, not looking at his final destination. Ravens coach John Harbaugh was among the Baltimore personnel who alerted him he was in the wrong place, and Alonso eventually drew a delay-of-game penalty as he switched back to Miami’s side.

On the play leading up to the mistake, Alonso made a tackle but was flipped over Ravens tight end Maxx Williams and landed on his head. Many who saw his ensuing blunder immediately believed he suffered a concussion, but Alonso denied this after the game.

“I was totally fine,” Alonso said. “People obviously right off the bat were like, ‘Oh my God, he’s concussed.’ I’m like, ‘No.’”