Troopers: ‘alarmingly high’ number of vehicles hit by ice missiles

January 23, 2019 GMT

Days after a snow and ice storm hit Connecticut, State Police are reporting an ‘alarmingly high’ number of calls of damage to vehicles from so called “ice missiles.”

Troopers say many drivers of cars and trucks have not cleared all the snow and ice that froze on their vehicles.

And with temperatures expected to be above freezing for the first time in days, more ice missibles could be flying on the state’s highways Wednesday.

While on the highway, chunks of ice and snow have flown off the vehicles and struck others cars and trucks.

On its Facebook page, troopers posted photos that shows a windshield shattered.

“This is one of the worst years we have had! The pictures here are some examples of what we’ve been seeing.”

“When you fail to remove snow and ice from your vehicle you are putting yourself AND others at risk. Please remember to remove ice and snow!!! Cold weather is NOT a valid excuse!! “

Connecticut State Statute 14-252a clearly states that failure to clear your vehicle of snow and ice is a $120 fine.

The law went into effect on Jan. 1, 2014.