Banghart’s patience pays off, lands dream gig at UNC

May 2, 2019 GMT

Some opportunities in life are worth the wait.

UNC’s new head women’s basketball coach Courtney Banghart, said, “I’ve gotten so many texts from many of the ACC head coaches congratulating me and saying how my patience paid off. I wasn’t just going to go anywhere. I had a very clear goal, and it was to be here.”

Banghart had numerous offers. In 2015, she led Princeton to a 30-0 record in the regular season. She was also named the Naismith Coach of the Year and earned a spot on Fortune magazine’s 50 greatest women leaders. Chapel Hill is getting a proven winner.

“This is not a place that’s broken by any stretch,” said Banghart. “This is a place that’s had some stress, right? It’s had some disruption, and I’m here to help through that.” Former UNC Hall of Fame Coach Sylvia Hatchell resigned after a Charlotte law firm determined she used racially insensitive comments and pressured players to play through injury.


Still, Hatchell was one of the first to congratulate the new Tar Heel head coach.

Banghart explained, “She e-mailed me last night saying how proud she was that I was here. How excited she is to support the program and she’s here as a resource as I need or want. So there’s obviously a great legacy to take care of and build upon.”

Banghart had some specific takeaways after meeting with the team.

She laughed, “Whose the best dancer in the group. The things that really matter in long seasons.” With several players in the transfer portal, many are wondering who will stay and who will go. Banghart is certain her coaching style will continue to bring the top talent in the country to UNC.

Banghart said, “I’m going to bring my high hope,s and I’m gonna hear about what their hopes are and then we’re going to make it happen ...You know, this is an extracurricular activity until I’m told otherwise. So it’s an additive experience, and we’re gonna treat it like that until I’m told otherwise.”