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Press release content from NewMediaWire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

Newkinco has Developed a White Label Solution, That Enables Brands to Create Their Own Metaverse

September 5, 2022 GMT

Berlin - ( NewMediaWire ) - September 5, 2022 - A big transition is going on from Web2 (interaction based on social media & influencers) to Web3, where communities actively participate in the process with the brands. This tipping point from push to participatory communication we call community-oriented innovation. 

Pedro Jardim, Managing Director at  newkinco, says: “The technological changes of the 21st century, marked by exponentiality, have led us to experience revolutions, standout ‘big bangs’ in the way we express ourselves, interact, and imagine new futures.”

newkinco  is a venture builder, consultancy and lab that helps organizations to understand community- based innovation. As a global and remote-first electronically based ( e-residency ) company, newkinco consists of a team of 25 experts and a network of over 150 contributors from multiple disciplines – ranging from game designers and software developers to crypto and web3 experts distributed across the globe. 


newkinco has active collaborations with educational organizations, automotive companies, beverage and fashion brands and helps them:

  • to create their own metaverse strategy;

  • to activate, grow and nurture communities by creating safe and user-friendly online spaces such as Discord servers, digital/hybrid events, and utility tokens;

  • to understand the application of immersive technologies. 

newkinco supports their clients to experiment, creating prototypes and integrating Web3 technologies in their product offer: 

  • How can community members support the process of value creation through active membership?

  • How can NFTs represent a new kind of membership, including royalties and governance rights? 

  • How can incentive systems be put in place for the community members to become loyal evangelists of your brand? 

The value of a brand is not going to be perceived solely by what value it creates but by what they enable its community to create. Web2.0 brought us user-generated content, ease of use, participatory culture and interoperability. It has also centralized power and challenged our democracies, and it did not reward its contributors adequately. Moreover, pure social media and push communication are not effective anymore.  


Big transitions bring disruption and many opportunities. Web3 has created a lot of interest for organizations and many of them started their first projects and experiments in order to understand how these technologies could be used. In spite of the impressive growth and the promising predictions on how these technologies will impact future jobs, already in 2030, there is still a way to go until Web3 becomes more attainable and surpasses the use beyond crypto markets and short term NFT investments.

Web3 carries the characteristics of being experienced, community, and equity-based. It will likely be owned by the builders and users while orchestrated with tokens.

“We have been working with clients in the innovation and community-building field as we noticed that the world was going through significant changes, and the new tools, technologies and behavior in the internet were manifesting in a community-based way. We saw the need to grow our capacity to support organizations to understand this new paradigm. And entered the world where brands are valued by their ecosystem and what the brand means for its target audience and customers,” commented Pedro Jardim.


newkinco has developed a white label metaverse solution called  that enables brands to validate and experiment use cases for their metaverse by leveraging the requirements of different solutions and using the flexibility of the open source game engine  Godot, and by having Ariel Manzur, Godot’s co-founder, backing the project and sitting on anitya’s board. 

According to newkinco, only a customer-centric approach can unlock the untapped potential for organizations to use those technologies and create meaningful experiences. With a multi-disciplinary approach, newkinco combines the know-how of digital strategists, artists, designers, and Web3 experts  to create holistic solutions which fit the individual needs of their clients and their target audiences.

Media Contact

Name: Pedro Jardim, Managing Director at newkinco