Guide To Decentralized Finance: Best Defi Projects In 2020

December 2, 2020 GMT

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Decentralized finance is one of the hottest topics which has been raging the market of the present world because of its acceptance among the greater groups of people. The issue of DeFi has been very well accepted as the matter of cryptocurrency is one of the features which is being pursued by everyone in the recent world. Some of the guidelines which have been provided in terms of the Defi have been mentioned in this blog for your better understanding and making sure that you are well versed with the terms. 


Centralization of money is a concept which we all understand but we do not have the capability to express it in easier terms. We will do that for your benefit. Whenever you are keeping your money at any bank places which include public funds or banks, you are prone to the centralization of money. This means that your money is not only yours. It will get passed into the hands of several users and they will decide the fate of your money. Although your money will always remain yours, it will be decided by the central forces whatever will be the fate of your money. 

In cases when there is inflation in the country, the central forces may decide to print more currencies in order to meet the financial gap. If this plan backfires on the entire economy, it is quite possible that your entire money and the assets which were stored will go to waste. The only way to recover from this issue is to promote decentralized currency. Different types of decentralized currency can help to preserve the assets of an individual and make sure that they are quite good in the overall issue of maintaining money. 

Decentralization Through Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has proved that peer-to-peer transfer can be possible without involving any kind of centralized forces. Different types of cryptocurrency sources like Bitcoins have already found their way in decentralized finance as one of the best methods to approach assets. However, it is very important to keep in mind that cryptocurrency is not a method that can decentralize the entire financial system. The usage of cryptocurrency has ensured that money storage is in a decentralized form. The assets cannot be touched by the centralized forces and this can provide a certain amount of security to the owner. However, the entire system remains within the central forces. Therefore, if one wishes to change the cryptocurrency into paper currency, the final results will be the same. 

Defi or Decentralised Finance

Decentralized finance is related to assets that are completely digitized in their form and even their storage is based on certain apps or software. Ethereum platform is usually considered as one of the best areas to process DeFi. This is mostly because there is no interference of centralized forces in this platform. However, this is not the only blockchain platform that can help to deal with decentralized finance. There are different types of platforms that can be combined, modified, developed, and integrated according to the needs of the owner. These alterations are greater proof of the decentralized nature of this kind of finance. 

Offers Of Decentralized Finance

DeFi has given rise to several new banking systems that can help you to control your own assets. Just as it is meant to be, you can with the master of your own money and invest in whatever way you want. The blockchain methodologies have helped to create a system of decentralized finance to gain greater control over one’s assets. 

The protocols of decentralized finance have advised that most of the transactions are based on the apps. Along with this, developers from different areas of the world can collaborate and integrate their works through the system of cryptocurrency quite easily. One of the best criteria for virtual currency is that it has no political border. A safe and innovative network can be set up in order to protect one’s assets on the online platform. 

Lending And Borrowing Protocols

You must be wondering how lending and borrowing of virtual currency can take place only based on trust. The different types of digital contracts have already been increasing in the present times because of the acceptance of cryptocurrency. The digital contracts can be encrypted by the parties who are involved in the money exchange and it can be kept as confidential information. This is yet another benefit of decentralized finance or DeFi as it can help to protect the identity of the lender and the borrower. The loan terms can be dictated and it can be a formal setting made between the associated lender and the person who is borrowing the money. 

Bitcoin 401k Investment Plans

Bitcoin 401k plan has been accepted as one of the most helpful plans in the cryptocurrency world. MintonBlock is one of the projects which have gained great popularity in the present world of decentralized finance.

MintonBlock provides one of the best bitcoin 401k investment plans. This investment option is quite new and innovative in the cryptocurrency space. 

Alpha Wallet, Argent, and Atomex are some of the other projects which have received great reviews on the online platform. Along with this projects like Kava and Maker have received some acceptance mostly due to its user-friendly concepts.. 


It is very important to take your assets into your own hands. The failure to do so will lead to several complications which can be extremely harmful to the people who are owning both kinds of assets, real and virtual. It is expected that by the year 2030, there will be a strong decision which will lead to several governments to reduce the rates of interest. This can be extremely harmful to you. The best way to escape this dilemma is to opt for proper schemes in the world of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and Defi. 


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