Bostelman: Testimony on broadband, speed limit

February 16, 2018 GMT

The legislature continued debate this week of carry-over bills as well as a few 2018 Senator Priority Bills. Senator Priority bills which were heard this week include LB750, LB755 and LB710. LB750 is a bill introduced by Senator Williams. The bill would change provisions related to recording of real property documents and the rights and duties of secured creditors. LB750 advanced to select file. LB775 was introduced by Senator Stinner. The bill would adopt the State Park System Construction Alternatives Act and would allow the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to use alternative methods of contracting. A final vote has not been taken on the bill. LB710 introduced by Senator Baker would change provisions relating to civil claims.


It would allow a successful plaintiff in cases involving four thousand dollars or less to recover costs, interest and attorney’s fees. The bill advanced to select file. The deadline for designating a Senator Priority Bill is Feb. 20 and so we will be seeing even more discussion of new legislation in the coming weeks.

The legislature passed several bills on final reading this week including one of my own. LB177 a carry-over bill I introduced on behalf of the Department of Motor Vehicles was passed by the legislature this week on final reading.

Several hearings in my committees this week drew a great deal of testimony. Transportation and Telecommunications Committee heard LB1009 introduced by Senator Murante. The bill would provide for an increase of the speed limit on certain super-two highways and interstate systems. LB994 introduced by Senator Friesen would create a Rural Broadband Study Task Force to help enhance broadband telecommunications service to areas in rural Nebraska. I understand the importance of enhancing broadband in rural Nebraska and I am dedicated to finding ways to make real improvements in rural broadband. I will watch closely this and other proposals aimed at increasing broadband access.

My Natural Resource Committee heard significant testimony this week on LB1123 introduced by Senator Groene. LB1123 would make changes to future water rights and stream augmentation projects in regards to Natural Resource Districts and specifically addressing the N-CORPE project in Lincoln County, Nebraska.

Another bill aimed at addressing property taxes was heard in the Revenue committee this week. LB1084, by Senator Briese was heard on Thursday, Feb. 8. This bill would adopt the Property Tax Request Limitation Act. LB1084 would address property tax relief by generating new revenue from changes in sales, excise and income tax and directing more revenue to state funding of K-12 education. The bill would also increase the amount in the Property Tax Credit Cash Fund. I will continue to closely monitor legislation affecting property taxes and remain committed to property tax relief.


I will continue to update you on legislation as bills move through the committee process and onto the floor for debate. I appreciate hearing from constituents on issues affecting District 23 and encourage you to contact my office with any thoughts on legislation.