Amenify announces $4.8 million capital raise for expansion

April 13, 2021 GMT
Amenify National Expansion
Amenify National Expansion
Amenify National Expansion
Amenify National Expansion
Amenify National Expansion

DENVER, April 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Amenify Corporation, the leading technology for powering in-home services within multifamily residential properties, announced the closing of a $4.8 million financing to enable activation of approximately 320,000 units of Class A multifamily properties – which will include approximately 15 new markets for the company. Dana Zeff, the founder of LeaseLabs, joined Amenify’s Board of Directors in connection with the financing. Her focus will be to help the business scale, driven by software and services that drive value to real estate owners and operators.


To support its rapid growth, Amenify has allocated capital from the financing for hiring. Recently filled leadership positions include Chief Sales Officer, Head of User Experience, Principal Engineer, Technical Project Manager, Head of Provider Marketplace, and Financial Controller.

Amenify’s vision is to transform modern living. The company focuses on billion-dollar verticals that can be disrupted through technology and network effects, including partnerships with the nation’s largest real estate operators. Everett Lynn, Amenify’s Founder & CEO, shared “our private meal delivery services were a game-changer for residents and operators. It’s a large vertical that adds value to our core services of cleaning, chores, and dog walking.”

Through real estate partnerships and software integration with property management systems, Amenify is able to establish new patterns for residents and service professionals alike. This enables Amenify to eliminate costs and inefficiencies versus traditional platforms, which creates a virtuous cycle according to Mr. Lynn. “More properties lead to more efficiency, which leads to more value in the network, resulting in more demand. At Amenify’s contracted units, our data shows 400,000 residents who purchase lunch or dinner delivery several times per month, 100,000 dog-owners who want a dedicated dog-walking team, and 30,000 monthly housekeeping cleanings. We’ll be busy fulfilling this mission for our residents and partners.”

Dana Zeff, Board Member, added: “We’re excited about the technology Amenify uses to staff for lifestyle services. It creates flexibility, efficiency gains, and quality control in ways that are important to Apartment Operators. We saw this first-hand from industry leaders who are pushing to launch Amenify in new markets.”

About Amenify

Amenify is a real estate technology platform that powers convenient in-home services for apartment communities. The company is backed by RET Ventures, the recognized leader in next generation rent tech investments. Residents using Amenify save time and money from dedicated teams for housekeeping, chores, dog walking, and private meal delivery – with centralized concierge support. Owners and operators rely on Amenify to create a one-stop-shop for staffed services, streamline operations, and reduce operating expenses.


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