Jackson crews work to clean trash from illegal dump site

April 16, 2021 GMT

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Crews were cleaning up trash from an illegal dump site in Mississippi’s capital city after an elected official and local residents complained to a television station about the unsightly mess.

WAPT-TV reported that Glen Erin Street in south Jackson has accumulated large amounts of trash and debris over time. Councilman Aaron Banks said it happens after people miss trash day and have easy accessibility to an abandoned street.

Banks also said that decreasing the amount of dumping will provide a safer environment for children who live nearby and send a message for residents to keep up their community.


“Kids walking by these abandoned houses where there’s trash is — where there could be snakes, where there could be rats — it’s a dangerous place,” Banks said. “And I think that the city has to act, to close this off.”

Solid Waste Manager Lakesha Weathers and her team arrived early Friday to begin cleaning the site. She said they typically try to clean Glen Erin Street on a monthly basis, but this month was a little delayed. Weathers said crews were removing trash on the street and along nearby abandoned houses.

“If they see people over here dumping, they need to call 911 and report it so we can get officers out here to catch them in the act of dumping,” Weathers said. “Also, get involved with debris removal. This is their community. This is their neighborhood.”