Monkey escapes, roams free at San Antonio airport

May 22, 2018 GMT

Monkey escapes, roams free at San Antonio airport

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — A Rhesus macaque on its way to a wildlife refuge Monday in Texas managed to take a short layover at an airport after it escaped from its crate.

The San Antonio Express News reports the monkey, named Dawkins, managed to wander baggage areas of San Antonio Express Airport for about an hour before being cornered.

The American Airlines flight carrying Dawkins arrived in San Antonio from Chicago O’Hare Airport at about 2 p.m. Monday.

The monkey managed to escape as its crate was being moved from the plane’s cargo hold to the baggage area, according to USA Today.

“The monkey was having a little bit of fun,” Russ Handy, Aviation Director for the City of San Antonio, tells the Express News. “If you can visualize what a bag channeling system looks like, it’s a lot of belts and bars, it’s a little bit like a jungle. So, he’s having a pretty good time over there.”

Veterinarians used a tranquilizer to sedate Dawkins and he was taken to the wildlife refuge.

Reports say no flights or passengers were affected.