Several southern states at risk for strong storms, tornadoes

February 16, 2022 GMT

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Large parts of Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee will be at risk of powerful thunderstorms and possibly tornadoes as storms sweep into the South on Thursday, forecasters said

More than 20 million people are in a zone that’s at risk of severe weather on Thursday, the national Storm Prediction Center said Wednesday. The region most in danger included Jackson, Mississippi; Memphis and Nashville in Tennessee; and Huntsville, Alabama, forecasters said.

Some of the storms could produce winds as strong as 70 mph and tornadoes, the Storm Prediction Center said. The threat of twisters will increase the hotter it gets, forecasters said.

Much of Oklahoma and north Texas was at risk of severe weather beginning late Wednesday and continuing into early Thursday.

Wintry weather was expected further north. The overall storm system has the potential to bring “a swath of disruptive snow and freezing rain to extend from northern Oklahoma to southern Michigan on Thursday,” the National Weather Service warned.