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Letter: Let the traffic engineers do their job

January 26, 2018 GMT

To the editor,

As I sat in the northbound traffic line on North Street during an afternoon rush hour, waiting for at least four traffic light cycles at the Fairfield Road intersection, I could think of those experts who put a halt to the town’s traffic engineers plans to help move cars through this intersection more efficiently and safely. I can only imagine what it’s like in the morning rush hour southbound with no turning lane unto Fairfield Road — I have no intention to experience that.

I then think of the refurbished intersection at North Street and North Maple and how wonderfully efficient that intersection now is. What backups were there before our town engineers corrected that intersection.


Then I think about the experts who attacked that North Street/North Maple design in the papers when our town engineers first instituted that correction. I wonder if they ever apologized for their indiscretion.

Another group of experts tried to stop the traffic light installation at Palmer Hill Road and Haveymeyer Lane in Old Greenwich a few years ago. Thank you town engineers for not buckling to that pressure, what an improvement, again.

Then with one more red light cycle to go and close enough to see no cars queuing from Fairfield Road or Parsonage, I again think about those who put a halt to the proposed improvements to this intersection. Also, it was to be paid for by the state. A whole new group of experts, there sure are a lot out there.

Please can someone have the courage to allow the traffic engineers to institute their plans on that intersection? I am assured that in addition to turning lanes that the latest in smart intersection detection technology will be installed to allow traffic to move faster and more safely. I can only imagine the savings in time, lessening of pollution and the safety that will arise when these plans are implemented. Also, these improvements will have a positive effect on U.S. One and cut through roads to and from the Merritt Parkway during rush hours.

James O’Brien

Cos Cob