Artists to bring a fusion of folk and storytelling to Barn Anew

September 13, 2016 GMT

Singer and songwriter Ian McFeron’s music delves into his experience as a traveling musician.

He will be at Barn Anew Bed and Breakfast on Sept. 14 with his longtime friend Alisa Milner. The concert will begin at 7:30 p.m.

Milner and McFeron started playing together 14 years ago.

They are based out of Seattle but they are only there a few months of the year.

In 2010, they started making loops around the country from Seattle and back.

McFeron said it’s about a 14,000- 15,000 mile trip where he will perform 50 shows in about two and one-half months. He said every couple years they will double the distance traveled.


Half of the year, he plays with a bassist and drummer. The other half, he plays with Milner.

“We started playing as a two-piece before we had a band. From 2004-2010, we played exclusively with a four-piece band or a five-piece band.”

McFeron said a large part of music is about taking personal life experiences and relating them to people. He didn’t realize until he started performing across the United States that much of the culture and landscape he sings about depicts the Pacific Northwest.

He said his music is about understanding relationships with other people as well as spiritual relationships.

“Understanding what it means to be human and awake and alive each day,” said McFeron.

McFeron released his eighth studio album “Radio” in January.

Doug Lancio, who is a Grammy-nominated producer, mixed, produced, and engineered the album from beginning to end. Lancio has worked on other projects with McFeron but “Radio” was the first album that he worked with him all the way through.

McFeron describes his music as being rootsy pop or Americana rock. He said a lot of the songs lean more toward being in the folk genre. As he is considered a folk artist, a lot of the music is about story-telling.

Paul Simon and Bob Dylan are two of his influences.

Cher Maybee, co-owner of the Barn Anew Bed and Breakfast, said that his band has been coming here for a few years since some of their concerts take place at bed and breakfasts.

“Everybody will enjoy it, if you like folk music. It’s good for all ages,” said Maybee. “He sings original tunes, she will be on the fiddle and cello. Both are very talented.”

McFeron said that he goes to places that showcase narrative music well.

“The main thing that matters to me as far as the venue is if it is a place where you can gather people together to connect through song,” said McFeron. “Whether that is in a house or a bar or a music club, it doesn’t matter to me.”


McFeron said that they will play anywhere to listening lounges, houses, breweries and certain kind of bed and breakfasts that are also event venues.

McFeron said it has been neat to become friends with Cher and Al, owners of Barn Anew.

He also always looks forward to connecting with the Scottsbluff music community.

The concert will either be outside in the courtyard if there is nice weather or it will be in the bunkhouse at Barn Anew if it is too cold.

He plans to sing a lot of songs from “Radio” and mix in some songs from older albums.

“It’s fun playing the new stuff, but we also like to keep it flexible and keep the setlist kind of fluid to gauge the audience, the moment, and the venue,” said McFeron. “Sometimes, there’s a song that comes to mind that fits the sentiment of the moment.”

Scottsbluff is the first stop they are making in Nebraska. They will only be making one other stop in the state.

“Nebraskans, they are really a warm, communicative people. They have a strong sense of hospitality. A welcoming vibe to the audience. We always feel really embraced coming through Nebraska,” said McFeron.

McFeron will play guitar and sing. He also plays the piano. Milner will be on fiddle, cello, and harmony vocals.