Centennial of Morgan horse statue being celebrated

October 2, 2021 GMT

WEYBRIDGE, Vt. (AP) — The University of Vermont’s Morgan Horse Farm is celebrating the centennial of its statue of the country’s first Morgan horse.

The founding sire of the breed was born and raised in Vermont. The life-size bronze statue of “Figure” is in the middle of the lawn at the horse farm in Weybridge.

“The Morgan Horse is the first breed of horse developed in the United States of America, and it’s almost as old as the country itself,” said Margot Smithson, the farm’s operation coordinator.

The Morgan Horse Club, now called the Morgan Horse Association of America, commissioned the statue, which was erected in 1921. A celebration was being held on Saturday with music and food to mark the 100th anniversary of the event, WCAX-TV reported.

“He was this one-of-a-kind sort of mutt horse that grew up to be this all-American horse who famously out-trotted, outraced and out-pulled any horse he was matched against,” Smithson said.

The Morgan horse had a part in the country’s history.

“They helped bring cavalry riders in the Civil War, they helped with the Pony Express, bringing American frontiers west. So, they really are the quintessential American frontier horse,” Smithson said.