Supreme Court denies Rowland’s petition for appeal

March 20, 2017 GMT

John G. Rowland probably wishes he had taken the deal — 18 months in prison in return for pleading guilty to campaign fraud.

The twice-incarcerated governor would be free right now.

But at great cost in time and money, Rowland played the legal equivalent of a lottery ticket and lost Monday when the U.S. Supreme Court denied his petition to take up his appeal.

The ruling effectively means that Rowland, 59, who has two years left on his 30-month prison sentence, has exhausted his options in his protracted defense.

Rowland’s lawyer Yaakov Roth and the Justice Department declined to comment Monday.


This is the second prison stint for Rowland, who resigned as governor in 2004 and served 10 months in prison for accepting gifts from a state contractor.

In contrast to his first brush with the law, when he pleaded guilty, Rowland chose to fight charges that he concealed his role as an off-the-books campaign operative for Republican congressional hopeful Lisa Wilson-Foley in 2012. It’s been three years since his indictment, reported rejection of a plea deal and conviction for campaign fraud, conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

Rowland appealed to the nation’s highest court last year, hoping it would hear his last-ditch appeal like it did with former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell. He even hired the same lawyer as McDonnell, whose conviction for grafting was vacated by the court. That lawyer abandoned the case for a job in Donald Trump’s Justice Department.

Boughton holds “Walking Dead” watch party

Now here’s a morbid thought — or, walking the walk, as Mark Boughton would frame it.

You can watch the season finale of “The Walking Dead” with Danbury’s Republican mayor at his apartment complex April 2 for $25 per person. The money will go to Boughton’s exploratory committee for governor, which he is leaning toward a third candidacy for in 2018.

Among a stable of Republican gubernatorial contenders, Boughton is hooked on the hit AMC zombie apocalypse series and often Tweets about the show.

No word if Boughton will supply the popcorn.

McMahon’s social media footprint evolves

Linda McMahon is now @SBALinda

The wrestling mogul-turned-Small Business Administrator for Donald Trump is rebranding on Twitter.

McMahon, a two-time Senate candidate, is directing her nearly 82,000 followers to her official SBA social media account. She’s been using her new handle, which has just 790 followers, to promote her television appearances and small business initiatives.


Last week, McMahon held her first town hall with 260 SBA employees in attendance and another 2,200 following via a live Internet stream and on a conference call.

“Let employees know you get it,” McMahon wrote on her SBA blog. “Greet people in the elevator with eye contact and a hello. Get out of the corner office and be seen. Show your team you value the work they do. Get their advice and suggestions - those on the front lines of your business are your most valuable resource. If we don’t inspire, motivate and challenge our teams, we can’t be effective leaders.”

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