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Religion at the Supreme Court: 3 essential reads


RELIGION Religion was a common theme in some of the cases to come before the nine justices in the recently concluded Supreme Court term. Three experts help explain what is at stake. 693 words. By

Why Communion matters in Catholic life -- and what it means to be denied the Eucharist

RELIGION Amid controversy over US bishops’ plans to deny Communion to pro-abortion rights Catholics, a scholar of sacramental theology explains the importance of the ritual to members of the church. 774 words. By Timothy Gabrielli, University of Dayton

While debate rages over glyphosate-based herbicides, farmers are spraying them all over the world

COMMENTARY Roundup may be taking a beating in the US, where three juries have concluded that it gave plaintiffs cancer, but it’s still widely used around the globe. 1095 words. By Marion Werner, University at Buffalo; Annie Shattuck, Indiana University, and Ryan Galt, University of California, Davis

New York City or Los Angeles? Where you live says a lot about what and when you tweet

SCIENCE OR TECHNOLOGY An AI analysis shows that differences in how New Yorkers and Angelenos tweet go beyond the words they use. 978 words. By Mayank Kejriwal, University of Southern California

Far more adults don’t want children than previously thought


COMMENTARY While past studies have placed the proportion of child-free American adults at somewhere between 2% and 9%, a new study found that in Michigan, over 1 in 4 adults don’t want kids. 538 words. By Jennifer Watling Neal, Michigan State University and Zachary Neal, Michigan State University

Supreme Court strikes down California’s nonprofit donor disclosure requirements: 4 questions answered

COMMENTARY In a 6-3 ruling, the court’s majority said the requirements violated donors’ First Amendment rights by subjecting them to potential harassment. 866 words. By Dana Brakman Reiser, Brooklyn Law School

Supreme Court blunts voting rights in Arizona – and potentially nationwide – in controversial ruling

COMMENTARY The court upheld two Arizona laws that limit when, where and how people can vote.The ruling further guts the Voting Rights Act at a time when many US states are passing more restrictive voting rules. 1025 words. By Cornell William Clayton, Washington State University and Michael Ritter, Washington State University

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