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Nominees announced for vacancy in 4th District Juvenile Court

May 30, 2018 GMT

The 4th District Judicial Nominating Commission selected five nominees for an upcoming vacancy in the 4th District Juvenile Court.

The vacancy comes from Judge Mary Noonan who plans to retire in July. She has served as a Utah juvenile court judge for more than 14 years.

The nominees for the vacancy are:

D. Scott Davis, assistant attorney general, Attorney General’s OfficeErik Jacobson, public defender, Utah County Public Defender AssociationMargaret Lindsay, supervising attorney, Utah County Public Defender AssociationR. John Moody, attorney, Office of Guardian ad LitemSam Pead, deputy county attorney, Utah County Attorney’s Office


At the end of the public comment period, the names will be sent to Gov. Gary R. Herbert, who will have 30 days to make an appointment.

The appointee is then subject to confirmation by the Utah Senate.

In an interview with the Daily Herald in 2014, Noonan said she never planned to work as a lawyer or as a judge, describing her path to the Fourth District Juvenile court as “an accident.”

Noonan graduated from Gonzaga in 1980 with a degree in social work and moved to Boston where she worked as a social worker in the inner city. Noonan said her experience in Boston made her want to be an advocate for kids.

“This is the best job in the world. I really mean that,” Noonan said in 2014. “I am very passionate about it. I am as committed to the outcomes with individual children as I am to the rule of law.”

The law is what brings structure to her job and to society and what helps get kids back on track when they have gone awry, she added. She described the Utah juvenile court system as “healthy” with resources, talented people and a goal to make the lives of Utah children better.

Written comments about the announced nominees can be submitted to the 4th District Judicial Nominating Commission Chair Dale Whitlock at judicialvacancies@utah.gov or Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice, P.O. Box 142330, Salt Lake City, UT 84114-2330.

The Nominating Commission may request further information or conduct an investigation of the nominees after reviewing public comments.

The deadline for written comments is June 4, 2018.