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Provo Mooyah brings fresh burgers, buns, fries and shakes to Utah Valley

November 30, 2017 GMT

I’ve contemplated far too frequently lately what my favorite food really is, fluctuating regularly between pizza, mozzarella sticks and cheeseburgers (yes, I know I’m classless).

Though I have a strong appreciation for other, more glamorous types of food, I like my favorites to be easily attainable, moderately affordable and constantly competing for the designation of best of the best.

So though I’ll happily delve into filet mignon, an elegant pasta combination or bacon-wrapped anything, my trip to Mooyah (a burger joint in Provo) recently was just as fulfilling in so many ways.


I love the nostalgia of restaurants that focus solely on burgers, because no matter how updated the interiors are (and Mooyah’s is pretty fun and modern), it doesn’t get much more classic when it comes to a meal out than burgers, soda, fries and shakes.

Mooyah is a chain restaurant started in Plano, Texas, in 2007. It made its way to Provo in 2014 before eventually closing, then opening again in August under new ownership and management.

My husband and I happened upon the restaurant totally by chance, but were quickly taken in by the fresh, hand-pressed beef burgers, the buns baked in-house daily and the hand-cut fries from Idaho (some which, I saw on the box, were even from my hometown). So it’s safe to say we suffered massive disappointment when the restaurant closed its doors, and couldn’t have been much more enthusiastic about the re-opening.

Mooyah offers customers a customizable experience, starting with a choice of protein (grilled or crispy chicken, a black bean veggie burger, all natural turkey or an all-beef hot dog) followed by artisan bun (potato, multigrain, gluten-free or lettuce) and topped with cheese (American, Swiss, cheddar, blue cheese and pepper jack). Extras include bacon, a fried egg, avocado and chili, with topping options covering lettuce, tomato, pickles, jalapenos, onions (fresh, grilled or fried) relish and sautéed mushrooms. A handful of sauces also are available with fries, sweet potato fries and Loaded Cheese Fries on the side.

For those less decisive about how they want to pile up their meat, a series of house favorites are available, with kids meals, salads and a variety of shakes.

Though we’ve sampled everything from the black bean and turkey burgers to the fully loaded beef, it was on our most recent visit we discovered the beauty of the Cheddar Bacon Burger. Loaded with beef, cheddar, bacon, grilled onions (though we substituted fried), BBQ sauce and a potato bun, the burger is big, bold and delicious, and to add or take away from it would be a shame. The flavor was fantastic, the texture was crisp, and the burger meshed with the toppings and bun in the most fantastic ways.


Even our turkey and black bean burgers held some great flavors, though if you’re going to Mooyah, you’re seriously missing out if you don’t go for the beef.

Moving on to the fries, I’m a big fan of soft, while my husband loves crispy. Gratefully Mooyah’s heaping portions include a good mix of both. There’s nothing quite like fresh-cut fries, though the seasoning is a little on the bland side. We dressed an order of ours up with the cheddar sauce, ranch and bacon, and though we preferred it to Mooyah’s variety of fry sauce, they definitely felt more like a palate-cleansing experience between bites of burger than a highlight to the meal.

We concluded our visit with a variety of shakes (strawberry, Reese’s and Oreo) and loved the thickness, as well as the ample helpings of mix-ins and sweet ice cream base.

If you go to Mooyah though, you should go for the burger first and foremost, whether you order it in-store or hop online to ensure it’s ready for you upon arrival.

To each his own, but ultimately, the masterful combination of fresh-ground, hand-pressed burger patties seasoned to perfection with a careful selection of toppings held together by a fluffy, tasteful bun has created for us an epic dining experience that left us wanting to shout, “Mooyah!” We’ll definitely be back.