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‘Roseanne’ reboot may get a second life: Reports

June 21, 2018 GMT

Hollywood may not be done with the “Roseanne” reboot just yet.

ABC is in talks to possibly continue the smash hit show in one form or another after its sudden cancellation in the fallout of Roseanne Barr’s controversial tweet, according to several reports.

The second reboot would be a spinoff of the original storyline. The potential new show could focus on one or more of the other Conner family members instead of Roseanne.

The main issue for ABC executives and producers is to create a show that can be seen as legally distinct from Barr’s original creation. Otherwise, Barr could still make a profit from production, even without appearing onscreen.

“Roseanne” was canceled May 31 after Barr made a derogatory tweet about Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser of the Obama administration.

After the ensuing backlash and public apology, Barr’s last self-written tweet on the matter came on cancellation day:


I end by offering everyone involved one more apology and prayers for healing of our divided nation. Tomorrow is Shabbat and I will continue to pray that everything for everyone goes forward ends well for all. signing off twitter for a while. love u guys! Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) June 1, 2018