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State revokes quarry owner’s explosives license

November 8, 2021 GMT

WATERBURY, Vt. (AP) — The owner of a Castleton quarry has had his explosives license revoked after blasting this summer ejected rocks onto adjacent properties, risking public safety, the Vermont Department of Public Safety said Monday.

An investigation by the department, police and the State Fire Marshal’s Office, found that nearby residents were not given adequate advance notice about the July 16 blasting and no blasting mat was used, the department said.

Public Safety Commissioner Michael Schirling sent a letter to the quarry owner on Oct. 29, revoking his explosives license. The quarry owner could pursue a future license if he undergoes agreed-upon training and an examination demonstrating his competency to safely handle and use explosives, Schirling wrote.

The quarry owner has 15 days to appeal the decision, the department said. He could not be reached for comment.