Students make bell stand for USS Vermont

April 25, 2021 GMT

RUTLAND, Vt. (AP) — Some students at Vermont technical center are building a bell stand for Vermont’s namesake submarine.

The students at Stafford Technical Center in Rutland have been working to construct the mobile metal pole that holds the bell used to signal the crew when a commanding officer is about to board the USS Vermont, the Rutland Herald reported this past week. The bell stand is also used to display the sub’s banners.

The Virginia-class Block IV nuclear-powered submarine started active service last April and is third Navy ship to have Vermont’s name since 1816.

The USS Vermont Support Group, an organization that provides support to the submarine’s officers, crew and families, commissioned the project.


“This will be with the boat for 30 years,” said VSG member and Navy submarine veteran Wayne Picket.

The group has helped to include Vermont memorabilia and artwork and specialty foods like Vermont cheeses and maple syrup on the sub.