Peter DeFazio is dead wrong

October 22, 2017 GMT

Wrong in his accusatory, inflammatory statement concerning the condition and quality of administration of our Roseburg VA Medical Center. He is quoted as being “at the end of my rope.” Maybe he brought his own rope to his own hanging by not doing proper research of the Roseburg VA. Maybe he is doing a political stunt to draw attention to himself as “doing something about” a problem of the past that is tenfold better and continuing to vastly improve.

I am a lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars 2468, and a lifetime member of the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 805, here in Roseburg. There are 200 members in our VVA chapter. I get my medical care at the VA hospital and continuously interact with said members.

All I hear from those of us who are actually cared for every day at the Roseburg VA Medical Center are positive and reassuring comments about the care received. Are there still problems being worked out? Sure, but progress is continuously being made. Myself and all the veterans I know are absolutely positively supportive of and stand behind Mr. Doug Paxton, the current leader of the team, making these vast and continuing improvements in our local VA health care.

Address the individual situations that come to your attention as you wish, Mr. DeFazio, but please do not be party to tearing apart a system that is showing daily significant improvement.

Sgt. Dale L. Orwick

Board Member

Army Infantry

101st Airborne