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Ted Deutch: National March for Our Lives will force Congress to take action on guns, mass violence

March 23, 2018 GMT

Rep. Ted Deutch said Friday that the national march against gun violence and mass shootings will pressure Congress to take more aggressive action on the issue.

“After this march when hundreds of thousands of kids show up, students and their parents from all around the country and march in 800 cities, they’re going to feel the pressure in this chamber, and that’s going to continue into November,” Mr. Deutch, Florida Democrat, said on CNN.

The so-called March for Our Lives set to take place Saturday was inspired by the shooting at Majory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, last month that left 17 people dead. Students have sparked demonstrations in the state capital in Tallahassee and a nationwide walkout at high schools all over the country on the one-month anniversary of the shooting.

State lawmakers did make changes to their gun control policy after the shooting and did pass a bill that includes more protections for schools, but students are pushing for action from Washington.

“These are modest steps, and these are modest steps that were done without the NRA trying to stick in terrible provisions like they normally try to do,” Mr. Deutch said.