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Fighting for West Virginia will be top priority

April 27, 2018 GMT

This is one of a series of columns written by candidates in contested races in the May 8 West Virginia primary election.

When the people of West Virginia elected me to serve as their attorney general, I pledged to stand up for our constitutional rights and to protect our citizens from those who sought to do us harm.

I am proud of my record over the past six years. After years of being abused by President Obama and his liberal friends in Washington, I said, “enough is enough.”

I sued President Obama’s administration several times. One of the proudest moments came when we beat President Obama’s EPA at the Supreme Court and killed his Clean Power Plan that had hurt so many coal families and businesses.


If we don’t stand up for our conservative values, no one else will. That’s why I launched an investigation into West Virginia’s lax abortion laws and led the fight for the Pain Capable Child Protection Act to defend the most innocent life among us. That’s why I fought hard to protect our Second Amendment rights by working with other states to expand concealed carry reciprocity with over a dozen states across the country. And that’s why I joined other states to support President Trump’s efforts to shut down sanctuary cities.

Finally, my office has worked tirelessly to tackle the opioid addiction that has wreaked havoc on our state, our communities and our families. We have achieved the largest pharmaceutical settlement in state history — $47 million for 12 wholesalers. We launched the first ever substance abuse fighting unit in West Virginia. We also created a faith-based drug initiative to work with pastors, preachers, and other religious entities to make sure there are more substance abuse treatment options in the state. We joined with the Northern District U.S. Attorneys’ office to prosecute many drug dealers, and are working with other states to convince insurance companies to change the incentives that encourage doctors to prescribe addictive opioids. Most significantly, we recently sued the federal government and convinced the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency to impose major reforms to limit opioid supply across the country.

Now, I’m running for the U.S. Senate to continue this fight and to protect West Virginia from the liberals in Washington. President Trump has accomplished great things for our state already, from rolling back job-killing regulations, to cutting taxes, to appointing conservative judges and justices. But President Trump needs more conservative reinforcements to continue the fight.


While Senator Manchin has spent years in public service, he does not share our conservative values, and he has not supported President Trump in the U.S. Senate. West Virginia deserves a senator who will stand up for its values, and will not back down.

I know what it means to fight.

I grew up in a working-class family and had to work my way through school. I took every job I could, from delivering newspapers, to working as a stock boy, to waiting tables while practicing law. I learned how to be scrappy, knowing that no one else would stand up for me. In the Attorney General’s office, I have put that same fighting spirit to use on behalf of West Virginia.

As your next U.S. Senator, I will continue my fight for our coal jobs, our gun rights, the unborn, and our national security. With President Trump in office, I am optimistic that we can achieve great things for our state. But we need a senator who fights for our conservative values, not the liberal establishment. I pledge to you: I will never stop fighting for West Virginia.

I respectfully request your support on May 8th in the Republican primary. Thank you.

Patrick Morrisey, a resident of Harpers Ferry, is a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate.