Green River stocked with 2,400 endangered mussels

September 15, 2020 GMT

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources has stocked about 2,400 endangered freshwater mussels into the Green River.

A statement from the agency said about half were placed into the river within Mammoth Cave National Park earlier this month and the other half were placed upriver.

The initiative seeks to restore the rayed bean mussel, which has not been found in Kentucky waters in more than 40 years. The mussels were moved from the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania because of a tar spill, the Department of Fish and Wildlife said.

The Center for Mollusk Conservation in Frankfort will share a different species of mussel with Pennsylvania for additional research next spring, the statement said.


“The re-introduction of the federally endangered rayed bean into Mammoth Cave National Park is an important step in re-establishing this species in its historic Kentucky range,” Mammoth Cave Science and Resource Management Chief Tim Pinion said.