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Frozen road season ends; spring thaw, class restrictions start

March 7, 2018 GMT

Warmer spring weather in Wisconsin means the end of the frozen road season, when truckers were able to haul heavier loads of certain products and not hurt pavement.

The Department of Transportation said the frozen road declaration for all of the state ends at midnight, and Class II restrictions start up.

The restrictions apply to 1,400 miles of state highways susceptible to damage from heavy trucks during the spring thaw period, as frost leaves the ground.

The period usually lasts from March 10 or so to the second week of May, and prohibits trucks of 80,000 pounds or more traveling on those two-lane strips of asphalt located all across the state.


County highways, town roads and local streets may also be posted or limited on what legal load limits are accepted.

For more information about weight restrictions and the DOT frozen road and spring thaw rules, go online.